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Should We Go With Raw Diet?

There is a big trend right now where there are so many people decide to go with raw diet for some reasons. Many people follow this case because there are so many researchers said that we are getting so much benefit by eating raw food.  We are going to get more nutrients when we are eating raw food. That is what most people believe about it.  But, doing something usually having their own pros and cons.  Here, you are going to find that doing some raw diets would make you more healthy and getting more energy on doing of your daily activities. This case is only possible if you do it on the right way.  You are going to face some serious issue if you are not able to do it clearly. You are not going to get the issue once you already do it, but you are going to see it after you do it while. My friend is taken to the hospital because she is not able to do it correctly.

Now I want to talk about the consideration of doing raw diet to our body. So, here are some of considerations that you are going to get from it.

More Power

Many people of doing this thing seem getting more power when they are doing this diet. I guess the main reason for this case because they are getting more nutrient from the food that they are eating.  This is very possible because the more nutrient that you will get, the more energy also coming. I have proven this case by showing one of my friend does it and its really true.

Clearer Skin

Well, this might not happen to many people, but it is seem the case.  Many people said that they are getting clearer skin. I do not really know if it is true, but there are already so many researcher have proof this case, so if you want to get clearer skin, then why not trying to do this kind of diet.

Weight Loss

This is probably true because we just eating raw food that means we do not need to put some oil and ingredient that put so much fat on it.  This is why people preferring this kind of diet because they can get weight that they want in the short time.

Lower Chance Of Getting Heart Disease

There are so many things that causing cancer could strike our body. One of the biggest reason might be because of the food that eat every day. Sometimes we just eat any food that we want including some bad fast food.  This thing is actually pretty bad since they are having some ingredient which is not good to be consumption too much. I always do not want to eat that kind of food and prefer to smoke my meat with my charcoal smoker.  You are not going to get this problem if you decide to stick with raw diet.

We have talked about the good things about it, but what about of its bad things that we are going to get. Well, you are going to find it soon.

Low Nutrients

You are going to find that some raw foods are containing less nutrient that our body need to have. Here you are not able to find some good things such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and many other essential things that needed for our body to keep its condition.  There are many researchers also believe that raw foods are having low bone mass which is needed for our bone to keep it from getting osteoporosis.  That are only some problems that you would find if you doing this diet on the bad way.

Dangerous To Eat It Raw

Some foods and vegetables are not designed to eat it raw since they are containing some toxic and bacteria that cannot be killed if you only wash it with water.  There are some treatments that you have to do get rid those things.  One of the dangerous bacteria that you could find here is salmonella which can be found on some raw foods.  There is always a risk to eat raw food.

Proper Treatment

Many of vegetables are already coming with so many good nutrients that would keep our body getting some diseases. This case is only working on the some vegetables, but in the other side there are so many vegetables that need to be cooked in order to release that nutrient.  You are not going to get lycopene or carotenoids in the vegetable if you decide to eat it raw.  That are only some of them and there would be more them which needed to release their all nutrient.  If you already know about this case and you should be careful on what you get from doing this diet.




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Natural Tips for Keeping Our Skin

You probably have spent so much your money in beauty treatment with thinking any bad effect because of the use of medical treatment. I really understand why many women preferred this way because it’s easy to use and also the effect of advertisement that sometimes lied to us. Actually there are so many things that we can try to keep our skin including using some natural ingredient that is not only safe for our body, but also its cheap. You don’t have to spend much of your money because everything around you is having their usage. Now I am going to show you few natural tips that I have tried.

Coconut Oils

First, I was so surprised of that coconut oils could make our lips brighter and even better than using any lipstick. Here you only need a table spoon of this oil and then you could have some tools or using your own finger to smooth it to your lips. Do it every day and see its effect after couple weeks. It feels so natural and doesn’t give any bad effect.

Tea Bags

Many people think that tea bags are probably useless after we use it for several times, but there is one thing that we can do with it. If you are getting any Panda eyes then this one should be perfect for you. Take some of them and place it on your eyes for around 15 minutes and then just relaxing for some hours.

Doing Yoga

This case is should be working really well for someone who loves to do Yoga, but you also can try it at your home. Doing some Yoga for around 15 minutes could help you on getting rid of back pain and fixing your posture. It’s great to do, but you have to see someone that knows this thing really well.

Coconut Water

One thing that we could do here is making a glass water of coconut on every morning to hydrate our dry skin. I have done it for couple months and I feel of my skin becoming smoother.

Those things are some tips that show us the important of natural ingredient for our health. Sometimes we don’t really notice that something that we think is useless actually having something great hidden on it. You need try it one by one to see which one is working well with you.

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How To Pick The Right Accessories For Our Style

Who is the one that does not like the accessories? I guess most of girl in this world love it. Even nowadays there are so many men who also love to use accessories such as band and ring. Picking the right one for you sometimes could be good and even worst to your style. Not all of necklace or ring is fit to your style since they already have their own characteristic. It would be so shame if you want wearing the wrong one because people will not praise it, but they might critic of your appeal. I guess you don’t want it happen and that is why I prepare some tips to match your accessories with your style.

Color Choices

This would be the most important thing that we need to consider. There is no way that you are going to wear red one with green dress. It will break of your appeal. Just choose the most neutral color that you can pick. Black and white are probably one of the most neutral colors that could easily fit to your outfit. You also need to be careful when using colorful outfit because sometimes it clashes with your color. As long as you stick with this tip, I am sure you will be free from any trouble.


Pick The Right Style

Not every ring or band would be fit with everything that you are going to wear. They also have many styles that you need to think. I usually pick classic accessories when I am going to wear dress and I usually go more casual with casual accessories. Wherever you go, please make sure that it matches with the theme. Don’t afraid to make any effort on it.


The Size

Never ever wear any big one if you don’t know what we are going to do. Scale or size is really making huge different when you are using it. Pick the right size with right moment and everything is seems to be okay. I used to wear any big one in almost every single case until the point I am aware that it’s pretty bad to my look.

We have to be so picky when choosing good accessories. You would not be able to match it in flash and the key is keeping learning and there is a time when your style will be huge difference. Think about your style for more details from now.

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2 in 1 Laptop Comparisons on Various Aspects

Today, we can find so many products of 2 in1 laptop available in the market. It is because most people today prefer this design of laptop because of the flexibility. However, different people love different type of hybrid laptop. They may consider the screen size, weight, resolution, or other aspects when choosing a hybrid laptop. So, the best choice depends on what you consider. In this article, we will compare the best hybrid laptops from different aspects.

2 in 1 Laptops on Budget
Buying a laptop should be adjusted to your budget. If you have a small budget, you cannot buy a hybrid laptop that is priced more than $ 1,000 because it is too expensive. In fact, there are so many options of hybrid laptop with low prices. In this case, I suggest you to consider buying Lenovo Yoga Book because this ultra versatile laptop is very powerful. However, Chromebook Flip can also be an alternative if you want the cheaper option. In addition, there are some other options of 2 in 1 laptop on budget to consider. They are iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.

2 in 1 Laptop Comparisons on Various Aspects

2 in 1 Laptop Software
When buying a laptop, you have to pay attention to the software offered. It is very important so that you must be careful. You may choose iPads because they can run the newest version of mobile software from Apple. However, I can say that Yoga Book is the best choice because it is not only available as Android based mobile devices but you can also get fill desktop software. Even more, it comes with Windows 10 either Home or Pro.

2 in 1 Laptop RAM
Different hybrid laptops come with different capacities of RAM. The higher RAM offered is the better choice. In this case, you have to make find a hybrid laptop that offers at least 4 GB RAM. Fortunately, it can be found easily. For example, I suggest you to consider buying Spin 7 or Yoga Book. Those 2 in 1 laptop products offer either 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. There may be other hybrid laptops that have 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. However, the other specs are low so that these 2 options can be your best choices.

2 in 1 Laptop Processor
Processor has an important role in buying guide. In fact, processor becomes the key that affects laptop performance. Therefore, you have to choose it carefully. It should be adjusted to your purpose. Anyway, you have to make sure that it is powerful enough. To get a powerful 2 in 1 convertible laptop, you have to find one that comes with at least Core i5 processor. If possible, you can buy a hybrid laptop that is powered by Core i7. In this case, Surface Book and Yoga 900 become the best options because of the high performance.

2 in 1 Laptop USB Ports
Sometimes, you need to transfer data through USB. So, USB port is very important. All laptops come with USB port but different options have different USB ports related to the quality, amount, etc. In this case, iPad Pro can be one of the best options because this convertible hybrid laptop comes with complete USB ports. Besides that, Yoga 910 can also be a good choice because you can find 2 USB C ports as well as a USB A port. Another best option is Yoga Book that also offers a micro USB.

2 in 1 Laptop Storage
You need spacious storage to save many files you have in your laptop. So, you have to choose a 2 in 1 laptop that comes with spacious storage. If you are looking for a hybrid laptop that offers 100 GB storage, Chromebook can be a good option. Besides that, Surface Book can be a good choice for you who want to buy a hybrid laptop with 125 GB storage. If you want the more spacious storage, there are many products that offer 256 GB storage like Spin 7 and Yoga 910. So, how much storage do you want?


2 in 1 Laptop Camera
Today, camera becomes one of the most important features to consider when buying gadgets including hybrid laptop. In this case, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Surface Book can be great options because they have high quality cameras for both front and rear. It will also be a good decision to buy Chromebook, Spectre, or Yoga 910 because they apply HD webcams. Those all options are good so that you can compare them from different aspects so that you can decide your desired choice.

2 in 1 Laptop Battery
Battery life is very important but measuring battery life is not that simple. It depends on how you use the laptop. If you want to buy a 2 in 1 convertible hybrid laptop with durable battery life, you can consider buying Spectre or Yoga Book. The battery can last up to a whole day. However, if you only want to use the laptop for standard purposes, Surface Book can also be one of the best options to buy even though its battery can last fast if you use it for gaming, video editing, or other hard purposes.

2 in 1 Laptop Resolutions
You also need to pay attention to the resolutions because it relates to the image quality produced. In this case, Spectre and Yoga 910 can be the most recommended options. However, the prices are high. So, if you want to look for the affordable option, Chromebook is not too expensive and it also offers high resolutions so that you can enjoy the high quality images produced.

2 in 1 Laptop Screen Size
You cannot skip the screen size because it does not only relate to the weight and display but also the comfort. For small screen, 10-inch Yoga Book or Chromebook will be a good idea. If you want a 13 inch hybrid laptop, Surface Pro can be your great choice. If you want the larger one, Spin 7 belongs to the best options because it has 14 inch screen. So, which top best 2 in 1 laptops do you need?

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Some Reasons for You to Buy Iphone than Android

Some Reasons for You to Buy Iphone than Android
We all know that in the kinds of smartphone, android and iPhone are kinds of the most favorite choices for the users. Every side has the pros and cons, which will offer the new technology for their customers. However, besides the rivalry of android and iPhone, I want to deliver my opinion about the iPhone. Yes, when you ask me what the better smartphone is or what kind of smartphone you need to buy, I will say iPhone rather than android. See some of my reasons below. I hope it will be the considerations for you all.

Awesome camera

The first reason why you need to choose the iPhone rather than the android is its camera. Iphone is famous with the awesome camera, which will be the great feature to collect your moment and events. The camera of iPhone will give you the accurate color to provide you a sharper photo. In other hand, inside its camera, iPhone applies the HD resolution for the better result in your photo. The vendor also uses the new Retina Flash feature inside the camera to boost the brightness of the screen. With the new camera, you will have the best photograph in every moment!

Easiest phone to use

When you want to have the easiest phone to assist your communication, it will be nice when you choose the iPhone rather than the android. Iphone has no separate app drawer for the kinds of applications and no annoying overlay in the display. It is different with the android that uses the drawer to support the menu of the display. In other hand, iPhone also has the better performance of the RAM although it has the same size with android. It is because the application of iPhone uses the less size. You will have the more stable performance there.

Best apps first

The use of the iPhone will be maximal with the use of the application. When you are using the iPhone, you will be easy to get the application by visiting the iOs. Do you know the Instagram? Well, for the first time, Instagram is available only for iPhone but after two years, it is launched in the android as its application. There are many kinds of the nice application with the great class to pleasant you in operating your phone. By the reason as above, you will be able to see the benefit of iPhone than android. However, the price of iPhone is higher than android.

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Best Computer Speakers under 50: Sophisticated But Inexpensive

Computer becomes the most wanted product in the worldwide. The computer manufacture is always developing the new features to make their computer to be the perfect one. Nowadays, computer not only as the device for work, but it also has new features as the entertain device. Computer becomes entertainer device when the user can watch a movie, videos, and play games while they finish their job. To complete that features, the user need the good quality speaker with the worthless prices. Here, this article wants to talk about the best pc speakers under 50 dollars.

30 watt powered speakers

The first product that will be reviewed in this article is the speaker with 30 watt in power. This speaker is completed with subwoofer for PC and suitable for gaming system. The special subwoofer make the sound is clear and so real. It will give the gamers new experience with the special sound effect while play the game. The features of this product are control power in the desktop, have easy ways to control the bass and volume, additional input, and head phone jack.

This product is available in package, it is consists of two satellite speakers, three speaker system, and the special subwoofer. It has fit size if you have small room because the measurement is only two inches for satellite speakers that cover with magnet shielded and five inches subwoofer. You can bring one set speaker with balance cabinet subwoofer and free shipping with inexpensive price.

Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

The next product is the portable speaker that will be easy to bring this anywhere and you don’t need to plug it into power supply. This product is available in the blue color with rectangular shape and completed with micro USB and USB charging. The dimension is 7.3 inches in length, 2.4 inches in width, and 2.8 inches in height. With this dimension, this product is fit for your travel bag.

You can play the music with this speaker up to 10 meters with the Bluetooth or 3.5 mm cable from your notebook, pc, smartphone, or tablet. This super portable sound system also can be the hands free calling device because it has built in microphone with three watt speaker inside. In one charge, you will be able to listening music or making call up to 15 hours with the wireless device.

Wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker

The Bohm speaker is the newest model of 3.0 Bluetooth technologies with battery as the power source. Even this device use battery you don’t need to worry, because it has 10 hours battery life in one charge. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery will make you save the environment with decreasing the usage of electricity. You can easily use this device with wireless Bluetooth up to 33 feet away. This device is available in 36 colors, but the most favorite colors is black.

Through this stereo Bluetooth speaker you can play music, share movies, games, phone, even conference call. The built in microphone in this product will help you to have calling in hands-free. This device is really easy to use. One way you connect with the Bluetooth wireless, you don’t need giving code to connect with your device as media. This speaker not only has clean sounds, but it also has powerful and deep bass. If you don’t have Bluetooth you still can use this device with standard headphone jack, because it is completed with 3.5 mm audio line in.

Multimedia speaker by Logitech

The next inexpensive speaker with good quality is the Z213 multimedia speaker from Logitech. This one has larger design than the portable speaker above. Although this device doesn’t have Bluetooth, you still have easy to plug and setup with the 3.5 mm output cable that will be suit for Mac computer, smartphone, PC, windows, mp3 player and so on. Then, with the control pod, you can have private listening by plugin your headset in the pod.

The black elegant design of this speaker will be fit as your furniture if you put this in the bookshelf, on your computer desk, or in the TV cabinet. It is called multimedia because you can hear anything from this, such as movies streaming, YouTube videos, games, your favorite music, mp3 player without disturbing by incoming alert of your smartphone.

The package of this product consists of subwoofer, two speakers in compact stereo, and the control pod. This product has adjustable bass knob control that is completed with down-firing subwoofer. The usage of the control knob is so easy. You only need to turn up the knob to add the deeper bass as much as you want. Then, you can make the sounds low in the easy ways. The big watt in the peak power at least 14 watt will make you enjoy your audio in the clear stereo sounds.

The Unique Capsule Speaker

Best Computer Speakers under 50As the name, this speaker has capsule design with the red rings on the top. The top of this shape has function as the speaker that will spread the loud and clean sounds. This product use battery as the power source, but you don’t need to worry this one is completed with three years guarantee. In addition, this speaker not only has unique shape nut it is also has light weight. It is only has 3 ounces weight with black colors. Even though this is the super mini and portable speaker, this device can produce the high quality audio. This incredible device also has amplifier for the loud volume in 3 watt output.

It has rechargeable lithium battery that will make feel comfortable to enjoying your music up to 10 hours. This device also has three ways to enjoy your audio, there are controlling the volume, random your music and playback the time. It is such a great idea to entertain yourself when you feel tired in your daily routine with music or movies. You have two choices in using the cable. The first is the 3.5mm audio headset jack, you can plug it into iPhone, Apple touch, iPad, mp4 or mp3 players, laptop, mac book, PC or Samsung. The second choice is USB cable that will suit for Computer, PC Laptop, or another USB adaptor.

There are all lists for best computer speaker under 50. It will show that you can get sophisticated speaker in various specifications with inexpensive price. Then, you don’t need to worry when you want to upgrading your computer accessories. Through the explanation above you can have some image for the speaker that will be suitable with your budget.

The best computer speaker under 50 will help you to find the various speaker with the good qualification but it has inexpensive price.

Source: best pc speakers under 100

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Getting Best Hard Disk for the Powerful PC

Hard disk is one of the key components of the computer as the storage to save any kind of movie, music, program, and others. Something that you need to know that the kind of the hard disk also will influence the performance of your computer. That is why you need to be selective in choosing the kind of hard disk, especially when you want to upgrade the detail of your PC’s hard disk for the better performance. What are the things to be considered in finding the best hard disk? See some points of it below!

Getting Best Hard Disk for the Powerful PC

Overview of hard disk

The first thing, which you need to consider in getting the best hard disk, as your need, knows the overview of the hard disk. There are two kinds of the hard disk, which can be the consideration for you. The first is the traditional one, or the hard disk drive (HDD). HDD is the type of hard disk, which is commonly used in PC from decades. It has several choices based on its storage. In other hand, now the developer develops the Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD is the newer kind of the hard disk and it has the faster rate than HDD. However, SSD has higher price and lower storage than HDD.

Storage capacity

Since we all know that the function of the hard disk is to save any kind of the document in your PC, the storage capacity of the hard disk becomes one of the important thing to be considered. Actually, when we buy the PC, we will get the hard disk as in package but sometimes it is not enough to cover our need. We back to the two kinds of the hard disk, the HDD and SSD. In the storage capacity, HDD has more various choices. Now, you are able to choose the HDD with 4TB in capacity! In other hand, in common, SSD only has the 512GB for the maximum storage.

Transfer speed

Transfer speed is another thing of the hard disk, which you also need to know before deciding the best hard disk, as you want. We need to consider the transfer speed because it will influence the performance of your hard disk. There are some standards in defining the transfer speed but the revolution per minutes (RPM) is one of the first standards, which is used by people in finding the best hard disk. You can consider it but most hard disk uses the 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM in their transfer speed.

Choosing the best hard disk, you need to consider some details of it. Be selective in choosing by make some considerations of its component and factor.

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best-charcoal-grill-under-500-weber-performer-deluxeIf you want to cook delicious meats or breads, it will be a good idea for you to grill them. Grilled meats or breads taste very delicious and are also healthy. So, you need to have a grill. Based on the fuel, grill is divided into 2. They are charcoal grill and gas grill. In this case, I suggest you to choose the charcoal one. There are many charcoal grills available in the market today and they have different prices. In this article, we will discuss about charcoal grill under 500. In this case, I suggest you to buy Weber Performer Deluxe.

The Benefits of Charcoal Grill

Which should you choose between charcoal and gas grill? Each of them has its own benefits. On one side, gas grill can cook meats faster. However, charcoal grill, even though cannot cook fast, will produce the better and more even cook. Besides that, charcoal grill will also produce the typical taste because it is powered by charcoal. Then, it also has more control because charcoal grill offers plenty ventilation. Lastly, the price is also commonly more inexpensive. Considering the benefits above, it is reasonable that you should prefer charcoal grill to the gas one.

The Price Range of Charcoal Grill
Talking about the price of charcoal grill, it depends on the specs offered. Different charcoal grills may come with different specs. So, the prices are also various. Even though most charcoal grills are priced lower compared to gas grills, there are still many charcoal grills that are priced more than $ 500. However, you can find easily many products of charcoal grills with the prices that are less than $ 500. Even more, there are many charcoal grills that are priced less than $ 100. So, you have to choose it wisely.

How to Choose a Good Charcoal Grill
If you want to buy a charcoal grill, there are many things to consider. The first is related to the size. It depends on how many meats you usually grill. The more meats you usually grill, the bigger the charcoal grill should be. Besides that, you have also to know the power produced. Different charcoal grills may have different powers so that the grilling time is different from one product to another. You should choose it depending on your need. Then, you should also adjust it to your budget. In this case, I suggest you to choose one that less than $ 500. Lastly, you have to make sure that it has high quality. So, you must know the best brand and type.

Weber Performer Deluxe Review
As I mention before, Weber Performer Deluxe can be considered as the great grill under 500. Even more, you can buy it with less than $ 400. It is very affordable, is not it? There are many reasons why you have to choose this one. Anyway, it is interesting to know its specs more detailed. Therefore, you have to pay attention to its review below.

Starts from the design, it looks very stylish. This charcoal grill is designed in ideal dimensions. It comes in 41.25 inches x 50.25 inches x 28.5 inches. With this dimension, it is very space efficient for your home space available. Weber Performer Deluxe offers 22 inches of the bowl diameter. The bowl is enameled with porcelain. It also comes with lid. Besides that, you should also thank to its spacious cooking area where it has 363 square inch.

In relation to the materials used, this affordable charcoal grill comes with aluminized steel. So, it is very light in weight. Therefore, you can move it from one place to another easily. To ease the maintenance, this charcoal grill also offers an ash catcher that is made from aluminum. It comes with One-Touch cleaning system so that you can easily clean it up. It is also removable to ease you maintain it. In addition, you need to thank to its high capacity so that it does not matter even you grill meats in large capacity.


There are many features and also technologies applied on this charcoal grill. One of them is the removable LCD cook timer. With this feature, you can monitor the cook time so that you know how long you have grilled the meats. It is very useful to control to produce the perfectly cooked meats or other meals. Besides that, Weber Performer Deluxe is also featured with built in lid thermometer. This feature functions to know and control the heat to grill the meats you want to cook so that you can get the even cooking.

Then, this charcoal grill is also very sophisticated with its Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system. Even though it belongs to charcoal grill, it also offers gas ignition system. Of course it is very useful to produce the fast grilling. In addition, it also features wire bottom shelf. The next feature offered is no-rust aluminum ventilation so that it is very durable. Lastly, you can hold it comfortably and easily because it has a reinforced nylon handle made of glass.

The Advantages of Weber Performer Deluxe
After paying attention to the review of Weber Performer Deluxe, we can conclude that there are many advantages of this charcoal grill. So, there are many reasons why you should buy this grill. Weber Performer Deluxe can be considered as the most successful products of charcoal grill. It does not only prioritize the versatility but also the capacity and also the quality. Besides that, everyone also knows that its price is still affordable and reasonable considering the specs above.

Weber Performer Deluxe also becomes the best charcoal grill under 500 because of some other reasons. This grill features a large table for cooking space so that it feels very comfortable. Besides, it also comes with gas powered charcoal lighter grill. Then, the digital timer is also very useful. Even more, it also offers all the whistles and bells. Anyway, you can use this charcoal grill to cook various cooking styles. You will get good experience of grilling or cooking.



Finding Best Computer For The Money As You Want

Finding Best Computer For The Money As You WantThe development of the technology brings the computer – or laptop, as the one of the important thing of the people nowadays. Most of the modern jobs have integrations with the use of the computer. In other hand, the digitalization era of the education also use the computer as media in the learning process. Based on the importance of the computer in our life now, it is also important for you to be selective when you want to buy a computer. How to find the best computer to fulfill our need? See some points below!

Before finding your favorite computer, it is nice when you decide the needs of you. We know that in the market, there are many kinds of the computer with the different specifications. You need to know the class of the specification of the computer. When you want to have the nice computer to assist your typing job, I think the office-class of computer is enough for you. However, when you want to have the computer with the high graphic to edit some videos or images, you need to have the high specification one, so do when you want to have the gaming computer.

Then, one thing that you need to consider in choosing the best computer to assist your need is the component of the computer. There are many kinds of the components of the computer, which will influence the smoothness of the running of the computer. Some kinds of the component, which you need to know is the processor. The processor is the brain of the computer. The higher version of the processor will give the smoother running of yours. Then, it is also nice when you see the specification of the RAM. RAM will influence the stable running when you operate the program of the computer.

Another kind of the component of the computer, which you also need to consider, is the CPU. CPU is the basic processor of your computer. We know two major manufactures of it, as the AMD and Intel. AMD is cheaper than the Intel but Intel has the more stable running than AMD. In other hand, I think it will be important too for you to see the kinds of the video card of your computer. What is the function of the video car? Well, it will influence the brightness and the sharpness of graphic of your display.

In order to find the kinds of best computer as you want, there are some ways to lead you, such as considering the detail of its components.

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