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Natural Tips for Keeping Our Skin

You probably have spent so much your money in beauty treatment with thinking any bad effect because of the use of medical treatment. I really understand why many women preferred this way because it’s easy to use and also the effect of advertisement that sometimes lied to us. Actually there are so many things that we can try to keep our skin including using some natural ingredient that is not only safe for our body, but also its cheap. You don’t have to spend much of your money because everything around you is having their usage. Now I am going to show you few natural tips that I have tried.

Coconut Oils

First, I was so surprised of that coconut oils could make our lips brighter and even better than using any lipstick. Here you only need a table spoon of this oil and then you could have some tools or using your own finger to smooth it to your lips. Do it every day and see its effect after couple weeks. It feels so natural and doesn’t give any bad effect.

Tea Bags

Many people think that tea bags are probably useless after we use it for several times, but there is one thing that we can do with it. If you are getting any Panda eyes then this one should be perfect for you. Take some of them and place it on your eyes for around 15 minutes and then just relaxing for some hours.

Doing Yoga

This case is should be working really well for someone who loves to do Yoga, but you also can try it at your home. Doing some Yoga for around 15 minutes could help you on getting rid of back pain and fixing your posture. It’s great to do, but you have to see someone that knows this thing really well.

Coconut Water

One thing that we could do here is making a glass water of coconut on every morning to hydrate our dry skin. I have done it for couple months and I feel of my skin becoming smoother.

Those things are some tips that show us the important of natural ingredient for our health. Sometimes we don’t really notice that something that we think is useless actually having something great hidden on it. You need try it one by one to see which one is working well with you.

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