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Best Computer Speakers under 50: Sophisticated But Inexpensive

Computer becomes the most wanted product in the worldwide. The computer manufacture is always developing the new features to make their computer to be the perfect one. Nowadays, computer not only as the device for work, but it also has new features as the entertain device. Computer becomes entertainer device when the user can watch a movie, videos, and play games while they finish their job. To complete that features, the user need the good quality speaker with the worthless prices. Here, this article wants to talk about the best pc speakers under 50 dollars.

30 watt powered speakers

The first product that will be reviewed in this article is the speaker with 30 watt in power. This speaker is completed with subwoofer for PC and suitable for gaming system. The special subwoofer make the sound is clear and so real. It will give the gamers new experience with the special sound effect while play the game. The features of this product are control power in the desktop, have easy ways to control the bass and volume, additional input, and head phone jack.

This product is available in package, it is consists of two satellite speakers, three speaker system, and the special subwoofer. It has fit size if you have small room because the measurement is only two inches for satellite speakers that cover with magnet shielded and five inches subwoofer. You can bring one set speaker with balance cabinet subwoofer and free shipping with inexpensive price.

Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

The next product is the portable speaker that will be easy to bring this anywhere and you don’t need to plug it into power supply. This product is available in the blue color with rectangular shape and completed with micro USB and USB charging. The dimension is 7.3 inches in length, 2.4 inches in width, and 2.8 inches in height. With this dimension, this product is fit for your travel bag.

You can play the music with this speaker up to 10 meters with the Bluetooth or 3.5 mm cable from your notebook, pc, smartphone, or tablet. This super portable sound system also can be the hands free calling device because it has built in microphone with three watt speaker inside. In one charge, you will be able to listening music or making call up to 15 hours with the wireless device.

Wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker

The Bohm speaker is the newest model of 3.0 Bluetooth technologies with battery as the power source. Even this device use battery you don’t need to worry, because it has 10 hours battery life in one charge. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery will make you save the environment with decreasing the usage of electricity. You can easily use this device with wireless Bluetooth up to 33 feet away. This device is available in 36 colors, but the most favorite colors is black.

Through this stereo Bluetooth speaker you can play music, share movies, games, phone, even conference call. The built in microphone in this product will help you to have calling in hands-free. This device is really easy to use. One way you connect with the Bluetooth wireless, you don’t need giving code to connect with your device as media. This speaker not only has clean sounds, but it also has powerful and deep bass. If you don’t have Bluetooth you still can use this device with standard headphone jack, because it is completed with 3.5 mm audio line in.

Multimedia speaker by Logitech

The next inexpensive speaker with good quality is the Z213 multimedia speaker from Logitech. This one has larger design than the portable speaker above. Although this device doesn’t have Bluetooth, you still have easy to plug and setup with the 3.5 mm output cable that will be suit for Mac computer, smartphone, PC, windows, mp3 player and so on. Then, with the control pod, you can have private listening by plugin your headset in the pod.

The black elegant design of this speaker will be fit as your furniture if you put this in the bookshelf, on your computer desk, or in the TV cabinet. It is called multimedia because you can hear anything from this, such as movies streaming, YouTube videos, games, your favorite music, mp3 player without disturbing by incoming alert of your smartphone.

The package of this product consists of subwoofer, two speakers in compact stereo, and the control pod. This product has adjustable bass knob control that is completed with down-firing subwoofer. The usage of the control knob is so easy. You only need to turn up the knob to add the deeper bass as much as you want. Then, you can make the sounds low in the easy ways. The big watt in the peak power at least 14 watt will make you enjoy your audio in the clear stereo sounds.

The Unique Capsule Speaker

Best Computer Speakers under 50As the name, this speaker has capsule design with the red rings on the top. The top of this shape has function as the speaker that will spread the loud and clean sounds. This product use battery as the power source, but you don’t need to worry this one is completed with three years guarantee. In addition, this speaker not only has unique shape nut it is also has light weight. It is only has 3 ounces weight with black colors. Even though this is the super mini and portable speaker, this device can produce the high quality audio. This incredible device also has amplifier for the loud volume in 3 watt output.

It has rechargeable lithium battery that will make feel comfortable to enjoying your music up to 10 hours. This device also has three ways to enjoy your audio, there are controlling the volume, random your music and playback the time. It is such a great idea to entertain yourself when you feel tired in your daily routine with music or movies. You have two choices in using the cable. The first is the 3.5mm audio headset jack, you can plug it into iPhone, Apple touch, iPad, mp4 or mp3 players, laptop, mac book, PC or Samsung. The second choice is USB cable that will suit for Computer, PC Laptop, or another USB adaptor.

There are all lists for best computer speaker under 50. It will show that you can get sophisticated speaker in various specifications with inexpensive price. Then, you don’t need to worry when you want to upgrading your computer accessories. Through the explanation above you can have some image for the speaker that will be suitable with your budget.

The best computer speaker under 50 will help you to find the various speaker with the good qualification but it has inexpensive price.

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