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Some Reasons for You to Buy Iphone than Android

Some Reasons for You to Buy Iphone than Android
We all know that in the kinds of smartphone, android and iPhone are kinds of the most favorite choices for the users. Every side has the pros and cons, which will offer the new technology for their customers. However, besides the rivalry of android and iPhone, I want to deliver my opinion about the iPhone. Yes, when you ask me what the better smartphone is or what kind of smartphone you need to buy, I will say iPhone rather than android. See some of my reasons below. I hope it will be the considerations for you all.

Awesome camera

The first reason why you need to choose the iPhone rather than the android is its camera. Iphone is famous with the awesome camera, which will be the great feature to collect your moment and events. The camera of iPhone will give you the accurate color to provide you a sharper photo. In other hand, inside its camera, iPhone applies the HD resolution for the better result in your photo. The vendor also uses the new Retina Flash feature inside the camera to boost the brightness of the screen. With the new camera, you will have the best photograph in every moment!

Easiest phone to use

When you want to have the easiest phone to assist your communication, it will be nice when you choose the iPhone rather than the android. Iphone has no separate app drawer for the kinds of applications and no annoying overlay in the display. It is different with the android that uses the drawer to support the menu of the display. In other hand, iPhone also has the better performance of the RAM although it has the same size with android. It is because the application of iPhone uses the less size. You will have the more stable performance there.

Best apps first

The use of the iPhone will be maximal with the use of the application. When you are using the iPhone, you will be easy to get the application by visiting the iOs. Do you know the Instagram? Well, for the first time, Instagram is available only for iPhone but after two years, it is launched in the android as its application. There are many kinds of the nice application with the great class to pleasant you in operating your phone. By the reason as above, you will be able to see the benefit of iPhone than android. However, the price of iPhone is higher than android.

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