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Should We Go With Raw Diet?

There is a big trend right now where there are so many people decide to go with raw diet for some reasons. Many people follow this case because there are so many researchers said that we are getting so much benefit by eating raw food.  We are going to get more nutrients when we are eating raw food. That is what most people believe about it.  But, doing something usually having their own pros and cons.  Here, you are going to find that doing some raw diets would make you more healthy and getting more energy on doing of your daily activities. This case is only possible if you do it on the right way.  You are going to face some serious issue if you are not able to do it clearly. You are not going to get the issue once you already do it, but you are going to see it after you do it while. My friend is taken to the hospital because she is not able to do it correctly.

Now I want to talk about the consideration of doing raw diet to our body. So, here are some of considerations that you are going to get from it.

More Power

Many people of doing this thing seem getting more power when they are doing this diet. I guess the main reason for this case because they are getting more nutrient from the food that they are eating.  This is very possible because the more nutrient that you will get, the more energy also coming. I have proven this case by showing one of my friend does it and its really true.

Clearer Skin

Well, this might not happen to many people, but it is seem the case.  Many people said that they are getting clearer skin. I do not really know if it is true, but there are already so many researcher have proof this case, so if you want to get clearer skin, then why not trying to do this kind of diet.

Weight Loss

This is probably true because we just eating raw food that means we do not need to put some oil and ingredient that put so much fat on it.  This is why people preferring this kind of diet because they can get weight that they want in the short time.

Lower Chance Of Getting Heart Disease

There are so many things that causing cancer could strike our body. One of the biggest reason might be because of the food that eat every day. Sometimes we just eat any food that we want including some bad fast food.  This thing is actually pretty bad since they are having some ingredient which is not good to be consumption too much. I always do not want to eat that kind of food and prefer to smoke my meat with my charcoal smoker.  You are not going to get this problem if you decide to stick with raw diet.

We have talked about the good things about it, but what about of its bad things that we are going to get. Well, you are going to find it soon.

Low Nutrients

You are going to find that some raw foods are containing less nutrient that our body need to have. Here you are not able to find some good things such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and many other essential things that needed for our body to keep its condition.  There are many researchers also believe that raw foods are having low bone mass which is needed for our bone to keep it from getting osteoporosis.  That are only some problems that you would find if you doing this diet on the bad way.

Dangerous To Eat It Raw

Some foods and vegetables are not designed to eat it raw since they are containing some toxic and bacteria that cannot be killed if you only wash it with water.  There are some treatments that you have to do get rid those things.  One of the dangerous bacteria that you could find here is salmonella which can be found on some raw foods.  There is always a risk to eat raw food.

Proper Treatment

Many of vegetables are already coming with so many good nutrients that would keep our body getting some diseases. This case is only working on the some vegetables, but in the other side there are so many vegetables that need to be cooked in order to release that nutrient.  You are not going to get lycopene or carotenoids in the vegetable if you decide to eat it raw.  That are only some of them and there would be more them which needed to release their all nutrient.  If you already know about this case and you should be careful on what you get from doing this diet.




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